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**Going out of town this summer? We are now booking appointments for pet boarding!**

Our Adoption Process:

-Fill out our online adoption application.

-Build or Acquire a Cage (please see for info on building a C&C cage)
*Please note a C&C cage is required if adopting a guinea pig. Please contact us for more information. We are able to sell you one of our C&C cages if you prefer to buy one from us rather than build it yourself.

-Email a photo of the cage and room the animal(s) will be living in.

-PCPR will review the application and determine whether it is a suitable home for the

- If and when your home is approved, you may set up an appointment to meet and adopt the animal(s).*

*All family members must be present during time of adoption.

Adoption Fees

Small Animal Adoption Fees:

Gerbils, hamsters--$7
Guinea Pigs--$20
Flying/ground squirrels--$25
Chinchillas, Hedgehogs--$45

Bird Adoption Fees:

Finches, Parakeets--$10
Cockatiels, parrotlets---$50
Some Small Parrots(Depends on breed)-- $100

Reptile Adoption Fees:
All other reptiles will be referred to Gina's Heart of Gold Reptile Rescue(



Q: Can I give an extra donation when adopting an animal?
A: Absolutely! We are a non-profit organization run on donations, so it is much appreciated.

Q: Do you ship your animals?
A: Unfortunately, we don't. For the safety of our animals we do not ship.

Q: I do not live in the Houston area, can I still adopt?
A: No. Currently we can not allow adoptions out side of Houston and vicinity. But, we'd love to help you find a rescue organization near you.


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Available Pets:



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