Surrendering an Animal

We have been able to help/rescue 250 animals as of 1-22-13



*Update 11/2/2014: Unfortunately at this time we are unable to accept surrendered animals. We will however continue to offer boarding services and homemade C&C cages. We hope to resume our rescue work in the near future, but at this time in our lives it is not an option for our family. We would like to thank all of the wonderful people who adopted, fostered, volunteered, donated and supported our organization during our seven years of operation. Thank you again.*


*To contact us regarding surrendering, please fill out our Surrender Request Form*


Animals We Rescue:
Birds--canaries, parakeets, finches, lovebirds and cockatiels.
Reptiles--Geckos, Frogs
Small Animals-- guinea pigs, hedgehogs, degus, ground/flying squirrels, chinchillas, gerbils and hamsters.


Animals We Don't Accept:
- Large or venomous reptiles
-Reptiles (with the exception of geckos and frogs)
- Congos, Macaws, Cockatoos, or similar sized birds.
-Rabbits, ferrets, mice, rats, sugar gliders

Note: If you have an exotic pet we don't take in, call us & we may be able to place it in a foster home. If not, we will try to find a rescue that does.


*To contact us regarding surrendering, please fill out our Surrender Request Form*


What is required for surrendering?

We don't request a fee, though it is much appreciated. If the animal is being placed in a foster home, all we ask is that you provide enough food and hay to last a month. If the animals are being placed in our main shelter nothing is required except signing a surrender contract.

If you wish to be kept updated on your animal, even after you surrender, we will gladly keep you in the loop by email or Facebook.


*To contact us regarding surrendering, please fill out our Surrender Request Form*


Why do people surrender?
Most of our animals come to us due to the following four most popular reasons:

*        It was a child who cared for the pet but lost interest in it or no longer wanted to care for it

*        Family was moving

*        Someone in household was allergic

*        Family bought but didn't know how to care for the animal


One thing you want consider before giving your animal to a shelter:

Will this shelter euthanize your pet if it does not get adopted?
Will the shelter be able to find your pet a suitable and knowledgeable home?
Are there dogs or other animals at this shelter that make a lot of noise?

Shelters are very loud and can very stressing for a pet.
Shelters are also very busy and have many other animals to take care of and feed.

Precious Critters Pet Rescue is a no-kill rescue group, with fosters who are able to spend time working with the animals, and we screen adopters to insure the will be taken care properly.
We also keep in contact with our adopters to see how the animal(s) is doing.