Tour Precious Critters


Here are some pictures of our facility. You are also welcome to come by and see our facility and all our critters. We can give tours to anybody: families, schools, youth groups and girl/boy scout troops. Check out our Tours and Events page for more details.

Cavy Corner

Our three 4x2 C&C cages for all of our paired-up piggies. We are currently in the process of upgrading the white cage to a 5x2, which will be a roomy cage for a pair or trio.



The Permanent Residents

The black cage on the back wall is the home to Peepers, Buttercup and Tweety, permanent resident parakeets. Underneath that is one of the many amusements you'll see for our resident cats, Grace and Purr. The green cage houses Lemondrop, our trusty radio/alarm clock lovebird. Next to her is Sasha the rabbit's "cage". You see, Sasha rules the roost, being our oldest resident, and she has free run of the entire bunny-proofed animal room, so she likes to think of the cage as merely a kitchen and bathroom.


*This isn't all! We have more coming soon!*